Friday, March 18, 2011

Background and editorial notes

Nearly 49 years ago, my father travelled from England to NZ. He wrote a diary (B5, hardcover, blue) and shot his first rolls of colour film. 
Despite over-exposing himself, so to speak, the journey is such that it deserves to be archived, and as none of my siblings, nor I, can read my father's handwriting, he has digitised it for us, awesome!
The slides sat alongside the journals in the attic for the last few decades before they too, were digitised.
This blog of the trip proper starts, as the trip did on April 2nd.  
I will be posting the weekly diary entries for the upcoming week on or before each Saturday.

The itinerary for the trip is:
Part 1: April 2nd - 30th: Wallasey, UK to Ankara, Turkey
Part 2: May 1st - 30th: Ankara to Quetta
Part 3: May 31st - Jul 1st: Quetta to Calcutta
Part 4: Jul 2nd - Aug 29th: Calcutta to Singapore
Part 5: Aug 30th - Mar 28th 1963: Freemantle to Christchurch

Note about placenames.
I have decided to use the spellings as they were in 1962. It just seems easier, and where there may be confusion a note will be added.