Saturday, August 6, 2011

Week 19

Mon. Aug 6    Singapore
Up to Fort Canning in the morning to get my cholera vaccination renewed.
Met the girls in the afternoon and went swimming at Connell House. Spent the evening reading.

Tues. Aug 7    Singapore
John took the land rover to the docks at 6 AM. and returned at 8.30 with it safely stowed and on its way to Fremantle.
Spent the rest of the morning arguing/bargaining and buying nothing. Went for a swim in the afternoon, as usual.
The girls had dinner with us at the Chinese Y.M. as it would be our last meal together, probably ever.
Walked back into town with them afterwards. We have decided to go separate ways.
John and Dulcie still have enough money to fly out to Australia, so that is what they will do.
Jackie has about 22 pounds left which she is going to spend on a ship to Hong Kong where she has some contacts. Talk about going out on a limb!!
As for me, well I am going to remain in Singapore and try to get a passage on a ship, or borrow enough money to enable me to fly out.

Wed. Aug 8    Singapore
Packed our worldly possessions up and I moved into Connell House. Living in the lap of luxury for $6 a day, all found.
Walked into town to try to open a bank a/c but, no-go so deposited money with Connell House.
Spent the afternoon swimming and reading.
Went to Raffles Hotel to see John and Dulcie off. It was very crowded at the airport so we did not stay long. Walked about town for a while, had a meal at a roadside stall, and then walked home.

Thurs. Aug 9    Singapore
Walked down town and there was a telegram for me from Roy Wood: “Belay. Top rope follows” That is encouraging.
Got my passport stamp renewed and met Jackie. Did a walk round the arcades and then back to Connell House.
Read and dozed after dinner. Jackie came down to the house for the film show in the evening. We saw 'Third Man on The Mountain', again. Walked into town afterwards.

Fri. Aug 10    Singapore
Went into town early but no money, only a letter from Joan. Spent the rest of the morning answering same. Had a nap after lunch, and then went in the swimming pool until dinner time.
Sat in the mission reading and then took myself off to the Straits Cabaret. Nearly clicked, but not quite.

Sat. Aug 11    Singapore
Went to bank and P.O. in the morning but nothing doing in either place. There will be no money until Tues. at the earliest now. Dennis still knocking about town. Went back for lunch.
Met Jackie again at 2p.m. and we set off in search of the M.V.Laos, me carrying a cardboard box on my head like a bloody coolie.
Saw her settled in for her trip to Hong Kong, and then discovered that we were at sea.
Finally got back ashore in the pilot boat. That was a close call.
Spent the evening in the Y.M. talking to an American, an Argentinian, and a German.
That place is a regular league of nations.
And then there was one.

Sun. Aug 12    Singapore
Went to the Y.M. and picked Dennis up. Spent the morning swimming at Connell House.
Had lunch and then a snooze. Read until dinner time then wandered across to the Flying Angel Club for the evening. Saw several interesting film documentaries and afterwards got myself invited to dinner on Mon. night