Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 26

Monday as usual was spent in the shop. I forgot my shoes this morning so I had to work all day in jandals, which turned out to be quite amusing as I had to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid being seen by any of the bosses!
Had my first go at arc welding today. I must do more practice as that could be a very handy skill to have.

Wed. Sept 26    Wittenoom
Getting quite settled now and having no difficulty with the work. The mill takes a bit of getting used to but I am finding my way around better now.
After getting no mail since Singapore, I received 11 letters on Tues. Worked for 20 hours on Tues. That was worth 15 pounds 10s. I wish I could get a few more like that, then we could be back on the road much sooner. I should be easily in the financial clear by Xmas.
The intervals between diary entries seem to be getting longer, as there is less to write about. Had my first go at oxy-acetylene cutting today and found it to be dead easy, so I must practise some more.
That is one thing that I really like about Australia, If you can do a job, you are allowed to do it. There does not seem to be any of the stupid demarcation that has totally stuffed the shipbuilding industry in U.K.
I have spent less than 1pound since last payday. This is surely a record for me.