Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 22 - end of part 4

Mon. Aug 27 At Sea
All day spent, once more, on deck swimming and sunbathing. Went to the fancy dress ball as a Sultan and a good time was had by all. Finished up drinking with Colin and, later on deck with a wench.

Tues. Aug 28    At Sea
Colder today. Did not spend much time on deck, but spent more time reading and nattering. We attended the ship’s concert in the evening and played Scrabble until midnight.

Part 5 - Fremantle to Christchurch

Wed.  Aug 29    At Sea Into Australia 
Picked up the pilot off the mouth of the Swan River at 2.45 and spent the next hour or so exchanging addresses with different people.
Finally got off the ship at 5.30. Waited until 6.30 in case John came to pick me up. Gave up and took a bus into Perth, found the Y.M. and booked in.
No sooner had I done this than John arrived, so I booked out again. Went to a party at the home of some Manchester folk and finally got to bed at about 1a.m.                     

Thurs. Aug 30    Perth     
Up early and down to Perth City, and the offices of Australian Blue Asbestos where I got myself a job. Spent the rest of the morning getting chest x-rays and various other medical procedures.
On Tues, I will fly up to a place called Wittenoom Gorge. Apparently it is a very hot, unpleasant sort of place but the money is good.
Incidentally, I heard about this job while staying at Connell House in Singapore.

Fri. Aug. 31    Perth  
Had a lie-in this morning and, after a lazy breakfast, loafed around the flat and sat on the porch reading until 1.30. Went into Perth and walked along Riverside, very pleasant, too. This area of Perth is all greenery, and very clean. There is a big stretch of grass between the banks of the Swan River and the edge of the City, which is, itself, very clean and tidy.
Prices seem to be high but it may just be these 'cheap' pounds and us not being used to them!
Did some shopping and then came back and cooked a leisurely meal. John is working overtime.

Sat.. Sept 1    Perth           
John was working so I just lazed away the day.
Went for a short walk during the afternoon and watched people playing tennis, football and bowls. These Aussies seem to be a very active bunch.
Went into Perth for the evening, trying to find some nightlife. A task that turned out to be quite difficult. We eventually found a good pub, the Nedlands, where we had a jug of beer and then went for a coffee and a feed of fish and chips.
Perth nightlife is not up to international standards.

Sun. Sept 2    Perth 
Lay in and had a late breakfast. Afterwards drove around the Riverside areas of Perth, mainly Peppermint Grove and Nedlands, which is a very pleasant part of Perth.
The Swan River is very clean and there were a lot of people sailing. We drove to the coast and along the W.Coast road to Scarborough.
Drove back to City Beach where John had a swim, but not me. He has been out of the tropics a bit longer than me. Went down into Perth via Ocean Beach and had fish and chips for dinner – again!
We then went to the Lakeway drive-in cinema to see Tiger Bay. These drive-ins are a really good idea. And so to bed.