In 1962, my father travelled from England to NZ. He wrote a diary (B5, hardcover, blue) and shot his first rolls of colour film. 

The slides sat alongside the journals in the attic for the last few decades before being digitised. 
Despite over-exposing himself, so to speak, Dad's diary of his first real journey is such that it deserves to be archived, and as none of my siblings, nor I, can read his handwriting, he has done it for us, awesome!
We grew up with 'the overland trip' as it was recounted in so many ways and for so many people. 
Snippets of stories which could have been straight out of Dr Seuess. Thrilling adventures to whet our own wanderlust. In-depth discussion as we compared notes later on.

The trip begins on Monday, April 2nd, 1962. Dad said this was a conscious decision, which didn't seem as silly as setting out the day before.

I will endeavour to post the entries for the upcoming week on or before each Saturday.