Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week 20

Mon. Aug 13    Singapore
Spent the entire morning swimming, had lunch, and then snoozed until 4.
Don Wood picked me up and took me to his place where I had dinner with him and his wife, Barbara. They are a very nice couple.

Tues. Aug 14    Singapore
Went into town and picked up a letter from John.
He seems to be doing O.K.. If all else fails, John will work long enough to bail me out and buy me an air ticket to Aust.
While walking along Collier Quay I met an old school friend from Wallasey called Brian Laurence.
I did not recognize him but he stepped in front of me and asked “Are you Tony Stead?” As I saw no profit in denying it, I confessed that I was, indeed, Tony Stead.
This was the point at which doors started to open and my situation started to look much healthier.
Went to the Australasian Shipping co. and have to go back tomorrow - fingers crossed.
Had a few drinks at lunchtime with Brian and then went swimming in the afternoon. Had more drinks with a large American sailor. After dinner got taken to the Singapore Cricket Club where we had lots more beer with Brian and an Australian called Graham.
Eventually finished up at the house of Ian and Margaret Cavanagh. They have invited me to stay with them. A somewhat alcoholic day!

Wed.  Aug 15    Singapore
Didn’t get the job. Spent the entire morning walking around all the shipping agents in town, again. Very tiring.
After lunch made an abortive attempt to get onto the Leise Maerske.
Packed my gear and rang Ian. Met him at the Cricket Club and we had a game of snooker before he took me home. Met Art Creasy and his blonde, English girlfriend, Margaret, who seems to be quite a globetrotter. She is also a bit of a liar.

Thurs. Aug 16    Singapore
Lay in until 10, and then went downtown to the G.P.O., where I collected a letter from Roy Wood. There is 30 pounds in the system somewhere. No money at the bank. Tried a couple of shipping agents, no-go. Went back for lunch. Visited the Straits Steamship Co., no-go.
Went back to Connell House for a swim and then to Mt Elizabeth and the Cricket Club for dinner. Had a couple of drinks, a game of snooker, and so to bed.

Fri. Aug 17    Singapore
Things are looking up. Got the offer of a passage on a ship to Fremantle, sailing on the 24 Aug. Apart from the general lack of shipping between Singapore and Australia, there is a long waiting list for cancellations. However, during one of our more alcohol-fuelled evenings I was introduced to the manager of Thos. Cook who told me to visit his office.
When I did, he said, “What list?”  and promptly offered me a berth on the Iberia which I have provisionally booked.
Still no money, though. Didn’t go anywhere during the day and went out boozing in the evening to Gavin Needs’ place.

Sat. Aug 18    Singapore     
Stayed in for the morning. 30 pound has arrived from U.K. so I have confirmed my booking on the Iberia. Went to the Club and had machan there and a few beers then early to bed. Oh, the relief - to know that I am getting out!!!

Sun.  Aug 19    Singapore
Lay in until 10ish. Late breakfast and down to the Club for curry Tiffin. Very good, too. Started drinking at 2 and carried on until 10. Very drunk. Disgusting.