Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 21

Mon. Aug 20    Singapore
Picked 30 pounds up at the bank and bought my ticket. That was a huge load off my mind. I also picked up 25 pounds from home. At this rate I will have more money than I know what to do with.
Had to move back into Connell House ‘cos the old bitch upstairs was complaining about noise, drunken antics etc.
Saw some of the old Mack Sennet and Charlie Chaplin films in the evening.

Tues. Aug 21    Singapore
Up early and spent the morning reading and writing, then went out walking around town, arguing, haggling and buying nothing.
This had become a favoured occupation. We would decide on one item, say a National 10 transistor radio, and then go around all the shops we could find that stocked this particular item. Then we would haggle to find the lowest price possible. While this was going on, the shopkeeper would feed us cups of tea, coke etc. and it helped to pass the time, too.
After dinner read and then went to the Paradise Bar where I met a very nice Siamese girl called Stella. Nothing doing.

Wed.  Aug 22    Singapore
Spent all morning in the swimming pool. Ian and Margaret came down in the afternoon and we swam again. Margaret got thrown out for wearing a bikini. Had a few drinks in the bar and then dinner, on me for a change. Went to the Paradise Club later, with a bit better luck this time.

Thurs. Aug 23    Singapore
Very tired. Slept all morning and swam all afternoon. Bought a watch in the evening; Rolex Submariner, for 29 pounds.
Back to Connell House to see the film 'The Key'. Good, too.

Fri. Aug 24    Left Singapore                       
Spent the morning in the swimming pool. After lunch went into town to tidy up a few loose ends. Took some photos and then went back to Connell House to pack. This did not take long! Very sad.
Joined the Iberia and settled in at about 6 P.M. Went back to Connell House for my jacket and then rejoined the ship.
I then stood on the deck as we sailed and watched Asia disappear into the dusk.

Sat. Aug 25    At Sea
Spent the morning reading and having the odd beer. After lunch I got myself settled near the swimming pool where I swam and sunbathed until about 6.
Had dinner and then met Colin, Dennis and Ian’s mate who had been unable to do the overland trip with them.
Also met Rosalyn, Kay and Margaret, all Aussie girls returning home. I had met Margaret before, in Innsbruck, five months ago!!
Had a couple of drinks and then turned in.

Sun. Aug 26    At Sea
All day spent on the sun deck, swimming, sunbathing and idly solving the world’s problems. Had a couple of drinks with Ann in the evening and later watched a short film on life in Australia.