Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 44

Jan. 28    Perth

Up early, had breakfast, and then met Dulcie—she has put on weight, too! I was very pleased to see her (she made me put that bit in) Took the starting motor out of the land rover and got away about 11 Went to City Beach first and then to Scarborough. Spent the day lying in the sun, swimming, eating fish and chips, and drinking coke. Had a final brew up on the promenade and then went back to town, where we spent a couple of hours cleaning the vehicle before cooking a big stew in the car park at the Y while discussing our prospects for the future.

Jan. 29    Perth  
Did the round of shipping offices and managed to get all business done by lunchtime. Spent the afternoon lying on City Beach, and a good time was had by all. Had a terrific salad when we got back to the Y, washed down with cold milk, followed by cold beer at “The Sportsman’s”.

 Jan. 30    Perth
John worked nearly all day on the land rover getting the starting motor fixed, while Fox, Mo, and I lay on our beds listening to the test match, eating melons, and spitting the pips at each other. Had another big salad and then went to the pictures to see a lousy film. Yakked until midnight. During the day, Mo knocked a big paper bag full of food scraps that had been minding its own business on the windowsill, out of the window and 4stories down into the street below. We were subsequently forced to deny that it came from our window. It was suggested that it might just be time to move on.

Jan. 31    Perth to east of Meredin
Miles 196
Left the Y.M. early, said goodbye to Mo and Fox - again! Spent the morning shopping and attempting to get all Dulcie’s gear into the land rover; quite a struggle ensued, but we won.
Had a couple of beers and started heading east via Midland and Greenmount. A pleasant run through the wheat belt in ideal travelling conditions, warm sun and a cool breeze. Pulled off the road about 6.30pm. and as soon as it got dark it got very cool. My duvet came out for an airing. Yet another salad tea - not a bad diet. Could this be Dulcie’s influence?

Feb 1    E. of Meredin to Norseman

Miles 335

Up early after a freezing cold and near sleepless night. Breakfast of Wheaties and on the road to Kalgoorlie, via Southern Cross and Coolgardie.
Had lunch at Kalgoorlie, did some shopping, and had a tour of a gold mine. Drove to Norseman fairly quickly and we are camped on the edge of a big salt lake. Today’s run has been mainly through thick bush, which tends to get a bit monotonous after a while. Had another salad tonight. Mozzies getting bad so we will use the nets tonight

Feb. 2    Norseman to W. of Madura
Miles 312
Woken early by the sun so lay and baked for a bit before getting up. Dulcie made an abortive attempt to get early morning tea for us. Still, the intention was good. Had breakfast and got moving by 9. Drove to Norseman and posted letters. After 70 miles we left the bitumen and the road became quite rough, with big potholes over most of the way. Stopped for a beer in Balladonia and heard some interesting views on the English royal family from the old bat behind the bar whose chief ambition in life seemed to be to sample the night-life in the U.S.A.
We are camping tonight by a water tank between Cocklebiddy and Madura. Bloody cold so we have pitched Ducie’s tent, which must be the biggest in the world!

Feb. 3    Madura to Koonalda
Miles 236
Last up, as usual. Woken by Dulcie with tea.
On the move by 9 and drove to Eucla. Just past Madura the road swung sharply down a short, steep pass to the lower level of the Nullarbor Plain. At Eucla the road came within ½ mile of the sea and the whole area was covered in beautiful white sand dunes that have almost covered the old telegraph station. From Eucla the road turned away from the sea again and, after a short climb, regained the tableland.
Drove to Koonalda Station and had a tentative look at the caves. We will come back in the morning for a good look. Camped tonight by the mouth of the caves in a very exposed position with no shelter at all. Tent again as it is still cold. We are all very dirty and dusty, as we can’t spare the water for luxuries like washing.