Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week 23

Mon. Sept 3    Perth 
Picked up my air ticket this morning and bought one or two items, such as overalls, socks, books, and food for tonight.
Back to the flat and got all packed up, ready for the morning. Spent the evening talking and listening to the radio before going to bed early for a change. Tomorrow sees another first; my first flight.

Tues. Sept 4    to Wittenoom
Up at 4.30. John ran me into Perth and I took the bus out to the airport. Boarded the plane at 6.15 and away we went via Mt Magnet, Meekatharra and Mt Vernon to Wittenoom.
The flight was a bit bumpy at first but it soon smoothed out.
There is a big change in temperature as this place is only about 100 miles from Marble Bar, which is the hottest place in Australia. Had to buy a bloody mattress!
The accommodation is rough and the food is bloody rough. I expect the work to be just as bad.
How will I cope? It is over 5 months since I last did any work, and I am not looking forward to the experience.

Wed. Sept 5    Wittenoom
Up at 6.30 and away to the machine shop, where I did nothing all morning and overhauled a gearbox in the afternoon. Back to camp. The toilets and showers up at the mine are better than those at the camp.