Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 16

Mon. July 16    Singapore
Hospital again for a change of both treatment and doctor. Swelling still getting worse―down to my wrist now.
Met the girls and did the usual round of travel agents and banks, very tiring. Eventually signed on in the Chinese Y.M.C.A.. We can stay here for about $2 a day - all found. It is full of interesting, young travelers, mainly Australian. Had a good Chinese meal for $1. Had a haircut after tea and then got dragged out to go bar crawling.
After a strange sort of evening we got to bed about 3 AM. Some of the others had a rough time, getting beaten up, chased by gangsters, and then robbed into the bargain.

Tues. 17, Wed. 18, Thurs. 19 July    Singapore
Time spent in and around Singapore making arrangements for our trip to Australia. At least everything is very central here. The girls are getting their land rover repaired after all. My arm is responding now that I am having daily treatment.
We have a few problems, such as finding a boat to Aust. for us and the land rover that is not booked solid for months to come. Another difficulty is money as the shipping end of things is way more expensive than we had been expecting. I have been making inquiries about working my passage but I will need to stay at Connel House for that to happen.
Another possibility is the great cod-liver oil caper. Where you wear a white coat and travel round with a Chinese salesman who introduces you to prospective buyers as our chemist from London, Zurich, Munich, depending on your nationality.
It seems as though John has enough cash to get himself and the land rover out and I can always look after myself, one way or another. Almost all the travelers at the Y.M. are waiting for funds to bail them out!
One thing is clear; staying in Singapore is not a good idea ‘cos it is too dear.
With that in mind we have decided to head away up country for a couple of weeks. We have unloaded some of our gear to make extra room and Dulcie and Jackie will travel with us while their land rover is undergoing repairs.
Sally has disappeared and Dereck left us in Calcutta to hitch-hike back to U.K.

Fri. July 20    Singapore to Malacca
Miles 167
The hospital signed me off so I met the others downtown.
We got on the road by 12 and crossed Singapore Island to Johore Bahru. Entered Malaya and drove up the coast to Malacca.
This was a beautiful drive, which took us to a beautiful town. It was good to be on the road again!
Found the Malacca Swimming club and sweet-talked our way in where we swam for ages. In fact, we are camped for the night in the club grounds ― right on the beach.

Figure 4.9: Mallacca

Sat. July 21    Malacca to Port Dixon
Miles 61
Drove in leisurely fashion to Port Dixon and selected the best bit of beach. After buying food we settled down for a day of lotus-eating.
We swam, slept, sunbathed and read, while occasionally eating banana butties. A very pleasant day spent on a really beautiful beach.

Figures 4.10,11,12: Port Dixon

Sun. July 22    Port Dixon to Cameron Highlands             
Miles 225
Rolled off our camp beds and straight into the sea to start the day with a swim. Then breakfasted, packed up and headed off towards Kuala Lumpur. Got to K.L. about 12 and had a very bad chicken and rice.
Drove on up into Cameron Highlands which is a hill station about 5000 ft above sea level. We are camping in the jungle just outside the town. It is pleasantly cool.
Figure 4.13: Cameron Highlands

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