Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 29

Mon. Oct. 15    Wittenoom

Still on the same job and there is a small amount of progress to show for our weeks of idleness, but not much. My arms are getting quite sunburned, but the rest of me does not see the sun; it is too hot. 
I picked up 67 pounds last payday and banked 50. Wrote to the bank and instructed them to send the money I owed to Roy Wood. That is one debt paid and two to go. 
I am getting to know a few people here now. Had a go at the roller-skating last Thurs., it must be the fastest sport on wheels! There are some not-bad-looking girls here but most of them seem to be very young. They also seem to marry very young here. I guess there is not much to do in the evenings so the social occasions are limited to the roller rink and the movies. 
I have decided to stay here until after Xmas, about mid-January. By then I will not only be out of debt but will have more money than I had when leaving U.K.

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