Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 38

Mon. 17 Dec    Wittenoom
These diary entries are getting more and more sparse. 
After nearly 2 weeks marking bags, I have managed to get back to real work again, just in time to work the w/e. Back to the machine shop, where I seem to have a permanent job on sheave blocks now. This work is starting to give me a slight pain. It is mainly low-grade butchery that a blind imbecile would find easy. 
Chester had a going away party on Fri. night and a right good do it was, too. I sang rude songs and bawdy lyrics for about 2 hours. It must have been a good performance because I have invitations to a number of parties over Xmas on the strength of it!! Missed out on Sun. I was the only fitter not working, so I had a word with the little fat foreman about it this a.m. He was quite apologetic and he assured me that I would get my fair share of overtime in the future.

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