Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 43

Jan. 22    Wittenoom
There has been so much o/t that I had to knock some back. My last 2 pays were 101 and 82 gross. My biggest pays since arriving here. In fact the biggest ever. Nearly the whole time spent working in the mill. Mo and Fox are coming with us as far as Roebourne, and then they will head to Darwin. It will be good to be on the move again. Had a few quiet drinks with some of the boys last night followed by an abortive run up the gorge to steal diesel, which unfortunately turned out to be hydraulic fluid. John arrived from Perth a couple of days ago so the team is almost assembled again. We will meet Dulcie in Perth.

Jan. 23    Wittenoom to Roebourne
Spent the morning getting John’s gear to the store. Packed up, said goodbye to the Dykstras, and went to Guy’s place for lunch. We were unable to get diesel at the garage so we had to get Ozzy Allan’s permission for ABA to sell us some. Picked up Mo and Fox and headed to Roebourne. Quite an uneventful trip until just before Roebourne where we had to pull a ute full of Abbos back onto the road. Had a couple of beers and found a good place to kip on the veranda of the local school. Had a quick meal and then retired 

Jan. 24   Roebourne to Onslow
Up early and then messed about until nearly 11. Said goodbye to Mo and Fox and then headed south. I don’t know where or when we will see those 2 again but I don’t think it will be for some time. Driving conditions are very bad today with lots of slippery mud and several creek and river crossings. Just north of Onslow we got bogged and had to dig the land rover out. It was quite amusing, splashing about in deep mud. Reached Onslow at about 6.30 and went to the pub for a drink, where we discovered that the road is officially closed, both north and south. Loaded up with fuel and food and are camped under the grandstand at the Onslow racecourse. It has just started raining heavily. We have our fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Jan. 25     Onslow to Carnarvon  
Away by 8, weather still threatening and wet. We found the bad stretch of road about 10 miles out of town and got through with very little difficulty. The rest of the trip was plain sailing, with just the odd soft patch but improving all the time. Reached Carnarvon about5 and had a couple of drinks before heading out to the camp and caravan park , where we wormed our way into a caravan for the night. Went into town after tea and met---Mo and Fox---who had flown down that day from Roebourne after drawing a blank on the hitchhiking front, a very wet blank at that!!After a thoroughly riotous night in the pub beer garden, they shared our caravan for the night.

Jan. 26    Carnarvon to Geraldton
Up to our usual late start and on the road, bitumen now, and one of the most boring rides we have yet been on. Drove non-stop to a roadhouse and had lunch there. Got cracking again after a bit of trouble with one injector. Also, the starting motor is no longer working. Got to Geraldton and had a couple of beers followed by a great feed of fish and chips. Walked around town and located the railway station. Lay on the grass and ogled the local talent, before going for a drink and retiring for the night in the station booking hall. Mozzy’s were bad.

Jan. 27    Geraldton to Perth
Woken by the law at about 7.30. After a short and somewhat acrimonious conversation, he wandered off while we packed up and hit the road. Today’s run was not quite so boring, mostly through farmland-grain, mainly. Reached Perth at about 5 and dropped John Frazer off at home. After booking in to the Y.M.we went looking for Dulcie. Found where she was living but she was out. Went back to the Y and had a big feed of fish and chips, washed down with milk—something that had been in short supply at Wittenoom

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