Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 42 - 1963

Jan. 14 1963    Wittenoom

Had a good New Years Eve party at Stan Hawkins’ place. After that spent nearly a week in the mill getting very dirty. Sandy Sheridan let the New Year in well by belting the foreman engineer through a hardboard wall - a very popular man was Sandy. Things have been quite amusing here lately. A lot of the boys will be leaving soon and they just couldn’t care less, consequently there is a great lack of respect being shown to the bosses in general. Last Wed. Mo and Fox came to Wittenoom and we have spent several evenings comparing journeys. 
These two were both instructors at Ogwen Cottage and they left U.K. about 6 months ahead of us to hitchhike to N.Z. They were now on their way home having worn out their welcome in N.Z. They are up here to make some quick cash, just like the rest of us. It was bloody good to see them.
Last Sat. we had a combined going away party for Wally Pickford, John Anderson, John Scott, and myself. It turned out to be a really good do with a lot of fights narrowly avoided. Mo distinguished himself in his usual fashion! I will remember the size of “Goliath” forever!

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