Friday, January 20, 2012

Interruptus blogus explicado

Well may you ask "Did they ever leave Wittenoom?"

I most humbly apologise and now I understand reason 567 why life isn't like the movies.
My inspiration to blog this diary as a weekly thing was inspired by "Julie & Julia", which is a lovely film if you like food, New York, or blogging.

I hit a snag finishing up some uni study. (post-grad learning science) and then it was the holidays. And I knew that Dad's time in the mine was fascinating reading, but a paltry word-count, so catching you all up wouldn't be too bad as long as it happened before they left Wittenoom!!!

But fear not! The way forward is clear, and just as our intrepid group is about to re-assemble and start off around Australia, I'm back in the keystroke saddle, and the future looks bright!.

So I'll just be getting on with the pictures from S.E Asia and Australia you still haven't seen.
Thanks for your patience, comments, and reading!
Erica - Jan 20 2012

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