Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 33

Mon. Nov 12     Wittenoom
It has been quite an eventful two weeks since the last diary entry. There was no Sun. work for the fitters, but we were lucky as our pipeline had to be connected through, and this can only be done when everything is shut down. We worked for 20 hours, and then back to the shop. 
Then followed several days of doing absolutely nothing. The weather is still not too hot for the time of year, but it is hot enough for me. Sent another 48 pounds to John’s a/c in U.K. I have only one more debt to pay now, 25 pounds to Dad.
Managed to get very drunk at the union meeting last Mon. Spent a very pleasant evening in the beer garden on Fri. with Tony, Graham, John, and Allan, involving a few quiet beers followed by a mountain of hot buttered toast. Got my photos back and some of them are not bad. Phil has got himself in lumber with Bruce Coleman’s girl, and they are shooting through tomorrow - silly bastard.

Sun. Nov 18    Wittenoom
Phil shot through on Tues. morning and I have since heard that he is in Perth. I burned my foot on Mon. and by Tues it was infected. Saw the Doctor and he has laid me off until Mon. next. On Wed and Thurs I could hardly walk so I spent a lot of time reading. Went to the pictures on Sat. and finished up drinking beer with Graham at his place, a very pleasant evening. The weather has been a lot hotter this last week, 103/104, and there has been a hot wind blowing. Several fitters are planning to leave in the next few weeks so the prospect of making extra money over Xmas is starting to look good.

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